Cynthia became a patient care volunteer for The Elizabeth Hospice after retiring from her practice as an Integrative Medicine Physician.

“As a patient care volunteer, I have the honor and privilege to spend precious time with people who are approaching the end of their life journey,” said Cynthia. “They welcome me into their lives and share their stories. I get so much more than I give. To a person, each one has changed my life for the better.”

“I’ll never forget one special gentleman – a World War II Veteran. He told me that his life felt empty and his impaired vision prevented him from reading. He was thrilled when I offered to read him a book about WWII. I would read a section and he would tell me more about the battle and its importance. When we finished the book, we started another. And then another. What started out as a simple conversation evolved into a deep connection and a true friendship.”