Board of Directors

Mark Neu, Chairperson

Compliance & Privacy Officer

Alta Hospitals System, LLC

I initially chose to volunteer because hospice offers the right care at the right time and The Elizabeth Hospice is passionate about its calling. When I learned about their Children’s Bereavement Program, my commitment deepened.  Across the organization, incredible staff and selfless volunteers are doing heartfelt work.


Michelle Hays, Immediate Past Chair

Chief Financial Officer

eSAT Global, Inc.

The Elizabeth Hospice endeared itself to me many years ago when they helped me care for my mother on the last leg of her journey. I jumped at the chance to serve the organization as one of its Board Members. It has truly been a joy working with this talented team over the last six years. They continue to amaze me in the many ways they serve our community.

Theodore E. Davis

Senior Bank Executive, Retired

Like many people active in support of The Elizabeth Hospice, I came to know the organization and its dedicated staff as they cared for my mother, and, later, my mother-in-law.  The invitation to Board service came as a very welcome chance to support the work of hospice and it has been a rewarding experience in every way.


Doug Dawson

Executive Director

Ellen Browning Scripps Foundation

Hospice care and grief support are essential to the health of our community. It is an honor to serve on the Board of Directors for The Elizabeth Hospice, an organization that provides vital services to children and adults facing the challenges associated with a life-limiting illness.  Through their work, they are helping ensure that every life ends with compassion, dignity and peace.

Dan Laframboise


DL Wealth Management Group

In 2004, I was approached by a client about serving on the Board of The Elizabeth Hospice. Many years later, I am still here, giving the organization more of my time than ever.  I do this, not only because they provide better care for their patients than other organizations I’ve seen but because they also care for surviving family members, including grieving children. They are incredible stewards of the money gifted to them.  It’s been an honor to serve this organization and I’m proud to help in the small way that I can.

Denise Logue

Senior Manager, Benefits & Compensation


I was introduced to hospice care when a family member who lived out of state was terminally ill. Our family appreciated the care they provided to him and the support they provided to us during his end-of-life journey. I am happy to serve on the Board of this organization that provides compassionate care to members of my community. 

Michael McDuffie, PhD

Associate Professor of Philosophy

California State University, San Marcos

I serve on The Elizabeth Hospice Board of Directors because of its importance to our community and its record of service to families across the region. I know the value and benefits of skilled hospice care as a surviving son, grandson, nephew, and friend.  As a bioethics professor and consultant practicing in North County, I have seen the caring commitment of its staff, and the difference they make for patients and families.

Sarah McSpadden, RN, MSN

President & Chief Executive Officer

The Elizabeth Hospice

As a hospice nurse myself, I was exposed to the wonderful work of The Elizabeth Hospice for many years before becoming part of the team in 2016.  I knew I was joining an incredible group of caring and talented staff and volunteers. I am honored to be leading the organization and grateful for the support of the community and the Board in making sure we offer the very best hospice and grief services to our communities in San Diego County and Southwest Riverside County. 

Tammy Morita

Senior Director for Strategic Partnerships

UC San Diego Health

This is an exciting opportunity that allows me to leverage my personal and professional experiences to support and affect positive change for The Elizabeth Hospice, and learn more about this important sector in healthcare.  I am honored to support the mission of the organization and look forward to a rewarding experience. 

George Olmstead

Attorney, Retired

I am pleased and proud to be a Board Member of The Elizabeth Hospice. The organization is a tremendous community resource in providing relief and comfort to those in their last stages of life, and to their loved ones.

Lori Rappaport, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

I joined the Board of Directors at The Elizabeth Hospice because of their unique mission to provide ongoing support to the bereaved, regardless of whether the person’s loved one was cared for through hospice. I am proud of their commitment to serving bereaved children and teens across our community. Through support groups, camps and most importantly in the schools, they are reaching children who might not otherwise have the opportunity to engage. In doing so, they are strengthening their peer support network.


Cynthia Robertson, MD

Internal Medicine Specialist, Retired

My interest in The Elizabeth Hospice began when I was a referring physician. A decade ago my family was privileged to have them provide exceptional care for my mom. Five years ago I began serving as a hospice volunteer.  Throughout this time, the organization has stood out for the outstanding and compassionate care they deliver. It is an honor to be able to serve as a Board Member.