Stu and Barbara


“When it became apparent that I could no longer keep Stu safe at home, we made the decision to move him into a private residential facility” said his wife, Barbara.

At age 69, Stu was diagnosed with progressive supranuclear palsy, an uncommon brain disorder that causes serious problems with walking, balance and eye movements. This illness has life-threatening complications, such as pneumonia and swallowing problems.

“After Stu’s health started to rapidly decline and his needs began to increase, we turned to The Elizabeth Hospice. His care team provides medical, social and spiritual support. Everyone is kind, gentle, efficient and caring. They take their jobs seriously and are attentive to his needs. I learned that hospice isn’t a last resort. It’s another healthcare option.”

“We are blessed to have found The Elizabeth Hospice. We are no longer fearful about the end of Stu’s life. We know he will be well cared for and that he won’t be in any pain. What a relief this is for me and our children.”

Gold Standard Care for Heart Failure Patients

We are one of only a few hospices nationwide to have earned PALLIATIVE/HOSPICE HEART FAILURE CERTIFICATION from the American Heart Association. This recognizes that the services we deliver are based on the latest evidence-based guidelines for care and quality of life for heart failure patients. It demonstrates our commitment to providing the highest quality of care.