Rachel first became aware of The Elizabeth Hospice when her daughter, Charlie, was two months old. Charlie was born with a rare metabolic disease that had a poor long-term prognosis. While Rachel and Tommy were excited about taking Charlie home from the hospital, they knew they would need continuing medical support for their baby. The Elizabeth Hospice care team was by their side, providing information, guidance and resources. She met with Paula, her grief counselor, at her home while Charlie was on hospice service. After the sudden death of Rachel’s husband, she accepted the offer for continuing counseling services at one of The Elizabeth Hospice office locations.

“As a 31-year-old, I didn’t know anything about death. With the unexpected passing of my husband – and the death of my little girl seven months later ‒ I needed help navigating through my grief-filled world.”

“My grief counselors, Paula and Liane, are my life raft. With warmth and compassion, they are helping me manage my way through the storm and find my way back to shore.”