How To: Easy-to-Make Face Masks

The CDC recommends that everyone (except children under age 2 and people who have trouble breathing) should wear a cloth face coverings when out in the public to help slow the spread of the virus. Here are easy-to-follow instructions for creating a face mask.


Face Mask Pattern
Supplies: Washed 100% Cotton Fabric – cut to 8” x 14” & 2 pieces 2” x 5 “

Interfacing Medium Weight – Cut to 7” x 8”

Elastic – Women: 6 ½” to 7” Men: 7 ½” to 8”

Pipe cleaners or plastic grocery ties (4” piece). Fold in half so you have a 2” piece.

Sewing instructions
Take the 8” x 14” fabric, (on the 8” side) and fold in half. Right sides together to find center.

Place the 7” x 8” interfacing on top of the fabric.

Put the pipe cleaners or plastic grocery ties ½” down from top center fold.

Sew a tight Zigzag across the top of the ties or pipe cleaners. Sew across 8 “side, then turn inside out. Iron flat. Try to stay away from the plastic ties; they will melt.

Place a mark on both sides of the mask at the 1 ½” mark, 3” mark and 4 ½” mark. Make a fold on each of the lines marked and iron to make a strong fold (should have 3 lines). To make the pleat, fold up the 1 ½ “line. At ½,” place a pin on each side to hold in place. Do the same to line 3” and 4 ½”. You should have three pleats. Sides will measure 4.” Sew on each side 1/8,” taking out the pins before hitting them with your sewing machine needle.

Attaching the elastic: Take one piece of elastic and place it ½” down from top on one side of mask. Sew back and forth to secure elastic in place. Take the other end of the elastic, making sure it’s not twisted, and sew ½” from bottom side. Do the same to the opposite side of the mask.

Sewing 2” x 5” binding on sides: Fold fabric 2” x 5” in half and iron. Place along the raw sides of the mask leaving an overlap at top and bottom ½” . Sew sides down ¼” Do a double half fold over the excess and sew again. (Like sewing a binding on a quilt.).

You’re done! For added help, watch the video on YouTube from Sew Yeah at

Washing Instructions:  Wash in the washing machine after every time your mask is worn. Lay flat to dry.