How Grief Counseling Can Help

Grief is a normal and healthy experience, but it does not mean it is an easy process. There are so many emotions to sift through and multiple feelings occurring at the same time it can be a challenge to know where to start.  Seeking support from a grief counselor can be a helpful place to begin your healing journey.

Grief counselors are trained in death and dying and can help untangle your emotions, thoughts, and concerns. Having a professional guide you through what grief can look like physically, mentally, socially, cognitively, behaviorally, and spiritually can be helpful.

There are commonalities among grief, but each grief process is unique because each relationship among the deceased is personal. Having a death in a family tends to bring family’s closer together or, unfortunately, further apart. If this is the first experience of loss amongst a family, there can be confusion and disagreement about what mourning looks like. It is common for there to be many different images of mourning among one family. A grief counselor can assist with navigating these family dynamics and providing support through counseling and education.

It is beneficial to have a large and strong support network when grieving. Adding a trained grief counselor to this support network can be helpful.  There is no right or wrong way to grieve, but there are healthy and unhealthy behaviors. A grief counselor can educate you about these different behaviors and help create a self-care plan.

It can be intimidating to start counseling. In grief counseling, you will work with a counselor at your own pace, create your own goals, and establish what successful counseling looks like for you. Additionally, a grief counselor can help you expand your coping tools and self-care regimen. Grieving is hard work; having a plethora of coping tools, adequate support, and knowing how to take care of yourself at this challenging time are essential. To receive grief counseling through The Elizabeth Hospice, please call 833.349.2054

Authored by:
Michelle Brown, LMFT
Staff Counselor, The Elizabeth Hospice