Support for Grieving Children

“When a 15-year-old started talking about the challenges she was facing after the death of her loved one, that triggered feelings I had experienced in my life,” said Jordynne. “I immediately knew that I wanted to help her find hope for the future. Being a teenager is hard enough. Coping with death, too, makes it even harder.”

Your can help create a safe space where children and teens can share their grief story and connect with others who are experiencing similar circumstances.

We offer a wide range of opportunities in our Children’s Bereavement Program for volunteers who have personally experienced grief and loss.

Children’s Bereavement Program Volunteers will receive comprehensive training as well as dedicated support from Children Bereavement Program staff.

Bereavement volunteers often tell us that they get more than they give. While you will be helping others, there are benefits for you, too. These include: meeting new people, learning new skills, connecting with others who share your interests, and supporting your community.

For more information about becoming a bereavement volunteer, call 760.223.7337 or email

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