Remembering You on Father’s Day

Remembering You on Father’s Day

By Mechelle FitzGeorge


I light a candle, hoping that you can see,

That its light reaches you, and you know it’s me.

There are so many times I think of you,

Now that you’ve gone away.

My heart yearns for one more hug,

And your smile that brightened my day.

Then comes the special days,

That sometimes are so hard.

When I realize there’s no need

To buy that special card.

I see some families gathering,

To honor their own dad.

The thought I can’t be with you,

Still makes me oh, so sad.

But time moves on, and I cherish the memories,

Of days gone by and the wish of what still could be.

I still see so much in what has become your legacy.

You were my father, my friend,

With enduring love of family.

So although I always miss you,

I’ll still honor you this day.

For you live on through your family,

And the love you sent our way.

You taught me that love endures, even when we go away.

But, oh, how I wish I could still be with you,

On this special day.