Walking in My Grief-Filled Shoes

 Alina, age 15, attends one of the onsite grief support groups provided free-of-charge by The Elizabeth Hospice in 17 school districts throughout San Diego County and Southwest Riverside County. Her dad died by suicide. Here’s what Alina wrote after participating in the Walking in My Grief-Filled Shoes activity.


“This activity meant a lot to me because it allowed me to illustrate what a day in my life is like through grief.

A big reason I chose a sandal is because how restricted you can be walking in them all the time. This explains my grief because of how restricted life can be after experiencing a death. For example, many more situations start to trigger a lot of things, sadness starts to pop up out of nowhere, and no one will truly understand what it is like unless they are walking through your sandal.”        – Alina