Saluting America’s Veterans

By: Will Smith, retired Marine Combat Veteran, Marine Corps Master Sergeant, and member of the Rotary Club of Temecula

Recently, members of the Rotary Club of Temecula and The Elizabeth Hospice staff, along with active duty Camp Pendleton Marines, thanked the Veterans that reside at Atria Vintage Hills for their service to our nation through a special Veterans pinning ceremony hosted by The Elizabeth Hospice.

I was honored to participate in this ceremony and wrote the following poem for the Veterans in the care of The Elizabeth Hospice:

God bless all these Veterans and their families but let them not think twice,

That we will ever forget their service to this country and their great sacrifice.

They forged this country with honor, pride and loyalty,
Now they are passing the torch on to others with great humility.

They stood their post in battle to make sure that we were free.
It cost them much but all they thought about was you and me.

As we closed that ceremony I’ll never forget that day,
Standing before these leviathan men of valor in celebration of victory
at The Elizabeth Hospice on this day.

We will not forget!

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