Memorial Day: Honoring Veterans

The following Memorial Day poem was written by retired Marine Combat Veteran, Marine Corps Master Sergeant Will Smith, as a reflection on honoring veterans and remembering the sacrifices that were made for our country:

I once ran in battle with men that were giants that ruled this land,
They didn’t fight ordinary but fought like superman.
They fought for causes that they really didn’t understand.
They just fought for our country, for our family and all our friends.
They stood for freedom but it came at such a high price,
They were my brothers, my sisters and some made the ultimate sacrifice.
I’ll tell all my children, my grandchildren and all the people I see,
About these brave heroes in battle that gave their life for me.
Your spirit is with us in our hearts today, now listen to us in the wind say,
We will remember the sacrifice it took to pave the way.
Men and women of valor rest in peace, we will not forget!

Memorial Day is about honoring all Veterans – past and present – the real heroes that have served, and are serving, our country.

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