Our care is patient-focused. Meaning completely focused on your loved one as an individual. So we’ll begin by asking: “What do you want?” We’ll encourage you and your loved one to think and talk about personal choices on how to live. We’ll completely tailor our care to support those goals and wishes. We’ll ask you and your loved one to enter a unique partnership with us. With your guidance, we’ll create a plan of care that works for you and your family.

Our supportive caregiving team includes:

  • physicians uniquely trained in hospice care
  • nurses expertly trained in pain control and symptom management
  • hospice aides who assist with personal care
  • social workers for assistance to resources
  • spiritual counselors for support
  • volunteers for friendly visits
  • and many others whose skills and commitment combine to provide a complete 24 hour support system to you and your family.

But above all else our care is about helping your loved one live more fully by increasing the quality of the time left. We’ll help your loved one focus, not on their illness, but on living and on embracing the very experiences that bring them meaning and joy.

Who Pays For Hospice Care

Hospice is an elected benefit of most insurance plans including Medicare, Medi-Cal, and the VA. Medicare covers the cost of clinical staff visits, medications, home equipment and supplies related to the terminal illness and comfort. Every insurance company is a little different, but many have inclusive plans similar to Medicare.

After meeting with you and discussing your needs, we’ll verify insurance benefits to determine hospice coverage. If you do not have insurance, our social workers will work with you and your family to find funding options. The Elizabeth Hospice is a nonprofit community agency that provides care to everyone, regardless of your ability to pay.

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